Announcing Engage Mobilize OFS Solutions, Bringing New Levels of Operational Efficiency to Oil & Gas Field Service Management

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February 07, 2023

DENVER — Engage Mobilize Inc. a leader in field service management software for the Oil & Gas industry, today announced the launch of Engage Mobilize OFS Solutions, a multi-tiered suite of electronic field management capabilities for oilfield service companies. 

The introduction of Engage Mobilize OFS comes at a time when oilfield service companies are striving to maximize productivity in a highly competitive, cyclical market. Most current technology solutions are generic and require expensive customization to fit the unique needs of the Oil & Gas industry. In some cases, companies use partial solutions required by their customers, requiring them to manage paper-based processes or multiple software programs simultaneously. Engage Mobilize OFS changes the game with a digital solution built specifically for the needs of oilfield service companies.  

Engage Mobilize OFS is a natural expansion of Engage Mobilize’s proven intelligent field operations software, used by leading E&P operators and their vendors today. The platform leverages the company’s core E-Ticketing and E-Invoicing technology to provide tools designed specifically to meet the needs of OFS companies. 

“We are excited about the potential for Engage Mobilize OFS to help oilfield service companies achieve new levels of efficiency and strengthen their businesses in both up and down markets,” said Scott Cilento, CEO of Engage Mobilize. “With OFS Max, we can now offer our proven ticketing and invoicing solutions directly to service companies.”

Developed for the unique needs of oilfield service companies, Engage Mobilize OFS provides water haulers, crude haulers, and other service providers with a robust and flexible solution for eliminating paper field tickets and streamlining their workflows. With integrated financial data and invoicing, Engage Mobilize OFS increases accuracy, enables reporting and drives expedited payment. Mobile tools, real-time location visibility, and powerful automation offer OFS companies innovative new ways to save time and increase productivity.

Engage Mobilize OFS Solutions consists of three tiers designed to deliver the right level of capabilities based on company size and need. OFS Base is available at no charge, while OFS Plus layers on additional reporting and automation capabilities for a small monthly fee. Engage Mobilize OFS Max is the best solution for oilfield service companies seeking to eliminate paper field tickets across their entire operation and customer base.

Visit to learn more about how Engage Mobilize OFS Solutions can help you achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity, or call 720-575-6695 to schedule a demonstration today. 

About Engage Mobilize

Engage Mobilize streamlines complex field service workflows by unifying operators and oilfield service companies on a single digital platform – from ticket to invoice in real time. Engage Mobilize’s flagship E-Ticketing solution set the standard for fluids hauling and logistics efficiency and its capabilities have expanded to cover more than 250 oilfield service job types and electronic invoicing. Today Engage Mobilize offers E&P operators and oilfield service companies the potential to achieve new levels of operational efficiency, reduce costs, increase financial transparency and mitigate risk with intelligent field operations software. 


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SOURCE: Engage Mobilize, Inc.

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