Roustabout Crews & Hourly Field Services

Engage Mobilize is an effective tool for making sound business decisions. Our software brings visibility and efficiency to managing Roustabout Crews and Hourly Field Services. 

"The transparency and real-time tracking allows us to make better business decisions." 

− E&P Superintendent & Engage Mobilize Customer 


Replace Paper with E-ticketing
Reduce Costs

20% Average reduction in cost per ticket.

Better Cash Flow Management
Increase Revenue

Production enhancement jobs increased 45% in two months.

Reduce Errors
Mitigate Risk

Average ticketing errors reduced from 33% to 5%.


Roustabout & Hourly Overview


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Benefits of Roustabout Crews & Hourly Field Services



Intelligent Field Operations Software

Track Field crew Locations & Time On-Site in Real-Time

Geofencing technology and GPS-enabled directions in the field friendly Engage Mobilize mobile app gives you complete visibility.

  • Capture location and time stamps for each individual crew member using GPS and mobile devices.
  • Get verifiable time and location information at every step.
  • See the data you need for safety, auditing and invoice validation.



Intelligent Field Operations Software

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Autofill routine data and streamline ticket workflows.

  • Create roustabout tickets and hourly work orders in less than 15 seconds with customizable templates.
  • Remove steps throughout your entire workflow with Quick Tickets and automatic rejection logic.
  • Only manually review exception cases, saving time over and over.



Intelligent Field Operations Software

Eliminate Paper Tickets & Manual Reporting

Digitalize your field management processes from ticket to invoice and dramatically improve productivity and get real-time data for optimizing operations.

  • Skip paper errors with accurate and verified digital data.
  • Get critical insights in real-time with business intelligence dashboards.
  • Use improved decision making, cost reduction and operational efficiencies.

Why Engage Mobilize? 

Streamline Operations on a Single Digital Platform 

Intelligent Field Operations Software Suite

Engage Mobilize software helps reduce costs, increase productivity, mitigate risk and gain financial control.

What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it, check out what businesses utilizing Engage Mobilize have to say about the product!
“Digitizing the field transaction is way more impactful than just ‘eliminating paper.’ Digital ticketing consistently delivers simplicity and visibility.”
Jason Churchill, CEO of PetroLegacy Energy
“The information is current and accurate, and dispatch doesn’t have to call the driver. This saves both the driver and dispatch time and ensures that the driver can focus on the current job without having to stop and field incoming distractions or phone calls.
The Team at High Plains Transport Inc.
“We are seeing reduced hours per ticket by continuously (in real-time) monitoring our vendor routes which helps us maintain cost at or below budget in this inflated market”
Water Dispatch Foreman

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