Field Management Software for Oilfield Service Companies 

Engage Mobilize OFS Solutions can help you achieve new levels of operational efficiency by eliminating paper field tickets, streamlining field-service workflows and accelerating payments. 

"With Engage Mobilize OFS Max, we’ve saved countless hours on data entry and significantly minimized human errors.” 

– Bakken OFS Provider

Eliminate Paper Tickets
Eliminate Paper Tickets

Simplify your process and increase productivity by replacing messy paper tickets and phone calls with oilfield-specific digital ticketing and mobile tools.

Save Time
Save Time & Boost Productivity

Automate dispatch, streamline data entry and improve accuracy. Benefit from pre-populated ticketing, automated invoicing and system integration

Financial Control
Financial Control

Gain financial control with fast, integrated invoicing and accelerated payments. Get paid in 24 hours on approved field tickets with QuickPay.

Increase Safety
Increase Safety

GPS functionality keeps track of your service crews in real-time and provides data for compliance, audit, safety and other operational metrics.

OFS Solutions was built by Oil & Gas people for the Oil & Gas industry.

Our OFS Solution is revolutionizing processes & productivity in the Oil & Gas industry. It eliminates cumbersome paper tickets & phone calls with a simple and efficient digital platform! Our software helps you save time & money while ensuring solid financial control with simplified invoicing. As a bonus, it also boosts your customer service with real-time updates on all jobs.

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Work Smarter with Automated Field Service Management

Engage Mobilize OFS Solutions is based on the proven technology used by leading E&P operators today, only configured and customized specifically for the unique needs of oilfield service providers.

“The app is incredibly user friendly. It’s an invaluable asset in the field.” – High Plains Transport

Get Paid Faster with QuickPay.

> Approved Engage Mobilize tickets flow directly into QuickPay for fast, automated payment in as little as 24 hours.
> Eliminate manual processes and reduce back-office overhead.
> Grow your business with access to new, affordable financing options. 
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Eliminate Accounting System Data Entry.

> Load field ticket data directly into QuickBooks or other accounting software.
> Stop manual re-keying of ticket data for invoicing.
> Increased accuracy with fewer errors.
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E-Invoicing Use Cases & Information

Intelligent Field Operations Software Suite

Engage Mobilize software helps reduce costs, increase productivity, mitigate risk and gain financial control.

Digital Solutions For Your Industry

Our capabilities have expanded to cover more than 250 different service types including: 

What Our Clients Say


“Engage Mobilize helps communicate with the customer without having to talk or email. Easy to use and efficient for our application.The software works great for our service to our customers. The people are easy to work with. Gerilyn is an excellent Representative and is always available if I have questions or need help. My experience has been nothing but Positive.”

- Shane Smith, Heart River Logistics


“Engage Mobilize OFS changed my job. Now I spend more time managing, optimizing, and thinking about how to do things better. That leads to faster troubleshooting. Drivers feel better about their jobs, too; it gives them more responsibility.”

- Brandon Ice, High Plains Transport


“The information is current and accurate, and dispatch doesn’t have to call the driver. This saves both the driver and dispatch time and ensures that the driver can focus on the current job without having to stop and field incoming distractions or phone calls.”

- High Plains Transport Team

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