Intelligent Field Operations Software

Engage Mobilize brings departments and individual roles together by streamlining and integrating cross-functional workflows. Achieve new levels of efficiency with Engage Mobilize software. 

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Intelligent Field Operations Software Suite

Engage Mobilize software helps reduce costs, increase productivity, mitigate risk and gain financial control.

Finance & Production Accounting

Engage Mobilize automates complex workflows and creates visibility at scale, providing finance and accounting the tools and data to more accurately forecast revenue, manage cash flow, eliminate redundancies and ultimately improve profit margins.

Engage Mobilize connects seamlessly to your production accounting & finance systems.

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Data Security
Oil & Gas Focus
Oil & Gas Experience

We work with Energy companies every day to set-up and maintain connections to their internal software solutions.

Field Friendly Mobile App
Engage Mobilize API

The ENGAGE API provides a ready integration for third-party and proprietary systems.

Easily Integrated
Integration Options

We offer several integration options, providing flexibility with how you do business.

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Achieve new levels of efficiency by taking control of your financial strategy, eliminating redundancies and making better decisions.

Supply Chain

Engage Mobilize helps you manage complex supply chains with real-time critical data allowing you to more effectively evaluate your providers, negotiate stronger contracts, and foster better relationships.

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Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

Employers can track field activities via GPS, monitoring tasks beyond the office. Geo-fencing also aids compliance, safety, and operational tracking.

Data Analytics & Reporting
Data Analytics & Reporting

Robust modeling tools for real-time data analytics, enabling informed decision-making and confident business scaling.

Offline Capabilities
Offline Capabilities

Our app caches edge data on devices, allowing field operators to complete jobs offline in remote areas. Information is synced to the cloud upon reconnection.

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Enhance your supply chain visibility and improve your margins.


Engage Mobilize helps you streamline your business processes by digitalizing complex workflows, providing real-time business intelligence and transparency into your operations, saving time and increasing productivity.

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Completely Digitalized Workflow
A Single, Simplified Platform

Consolidate software by combining E-Invoicing with E-Ticketing to create a single seamless workflow.

Increase Efficiency
Automate Routine Tasks

Get the best services quickly and efficiently with Predictive Dispatch. Automatically dispatch just when and where you need them - it's easy and effortless!

Boost Productivity
Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Stop wasting money on short hauls and excessive back-office processes. Use digital transformation to get the most out of what you have - you'll achieve much more with much less.

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Achieve new levels of operational efficiency, profitability, and safety.


Information Technology

Engage Mobilize SaaS technology helps achieve new levels of efficiency by boosting the of multiple departments, delivering near-term ROI and improved corporate effectiveness.

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Brak Down Data Silos
Break Down Data Silos

Eliminate data silos and share information to all relevant functions, automatically.

Collaborate Across the Enterprise
Collaborate Across the Enterprise

Real-time inventory and location data of equipment helps you avoid ordering too soon, tying up limited cash resources.

Achieve Efficiencies

Integrating Engage Mobilize with your ERP and other systems eliminates manual re-keying and data transfer tasks.

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Achieve new levels of  efficiency and productivity to drive ROI.


Service Providers

Engage Mobilize OFS Solutions can help you achieve new levels of operational efficiency by eliminating paper field tickets, streamlining field-service workflows and accelerating payments.

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Save Time
Save Time & Boost Productivity

Automate dispatch, streamline data entry, and improve accuracy. Benefit from pre-populated ticketing, automated invoicing, and system integration.

Financial Control
Financial Control

Gain financial control with fast, integrated invoicing and accelerated payments. Get paid in 24 hours on approved field tickets.

Increase Safety
Increase Safety

GPS functionality keeps track of your service crews in real-time and provides data for compliance, audit, safety, and other operational metrics.

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OFS Solutions was built by Oil & Gas people for the Oil & Gas industry. 



What Our Clients Say

Don't just take our word for it, check out what businesses utilizing Engage Mobilize have to say about the product!
“Digitizing the field transaction is way more impactful than just ‘eliminating paper.’ Digital ticketing consistently delivers simplicity and visibility.”
Jason Churchill, CEO of PetroLegacy Energy
“The information is current and accurate, and dispatch doesn’t have to call the driver. This saves both the driver and dispatch time and ensures that the driver can focus on the current job without having to stop and field incoming distractions or phone calls.
The Team at High Plains Transport Inc.
“We are seeing reduced hours per ticket by continuously (in real-time) monitoring our vendor routes which helps us maintain cost at or below budget in this inflated market”
Water Dispatch Foreman

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