Engage Mobilize and NextGen Announce Integration Partnership to Streamline OFS Operations by Connecting Tickets, Invoices, and Back End Systems

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March 08, 2023

DENVER — Engage Mobilize Inc. a leading provider of field service management software for the Oil & Gas industry, and NextGen Software Inc., today announced that they are partnering to deliver integration capabilities that connect field service management software to accounting and ERP systems.

This partnership comes at a time when the Oil & Gas industry is facing multiple challenges in providing affordable, reliable energy to the market. Managing field services with disconnected systems can result in bottlenecks, redundant tasks and a lack of timely, accurate data. By connecting information from field ticketing to back-end systems, companies gain financial visibility, eliminate duplicate data and gain business insights. 

The Engage Mobilize - NextGen solution allows E&P operators and oilfield service providers to seamlessly pass Engage Mobilize E-Invoice data between systems, from QuickBooks® to SAP®. Companies can maximize the advantage of Engage Mobilize’s intelligent field operations software by integrating with existing accounting and ERP platforms using NextGen’s i2x® and eFast Integrator® solutions.

“We are excited about this relationship and helping the energy industry achieve new levels of efficiency,” said Scott Cilento, CEO, Engage Mobilize. “This integration gives customers a simple and seamless method for connecting their systems, creating new opportunities for optimizing financials and controlling costs.”

“Engage Mobilize’s state-of-the-art field service management solution delivers tremendous efficiencies to their clients,” said David Wolpo, Co-Founder, NextGen. “Our integration capabilities for vendors and operators amplifies this by connecting accounting systems with little to no IT involvement.”

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About Engage Mobilize

Engage Mobilize’s intelligent field operations software streamlines complex field service workflows by unifying E&P operators and oilfield service companies on a single digital platform – from ticket to invoice. Engage Mobilize’s flagship E-Ticketing solution set the standard for fluid hauling and logistics efficiency, and its capabilities now include electronic invoicing and more than 250 oilfield services. Engage Mobilize enables clients to achieve new levels of operational efficiency and reduce costs while increasing transparency and mitigating risk. Learn more at engagemobilize.com.

About NextGen Software

NextGen Software began in 1999 with the simple goal of connecting business computer applications with state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price. Since then, this technology has matured into what is now called B2B, or business-to-business connections. By developing our own B2B integration technology, NextGen Software brings formerly very expensive B2B capabilities to every business at a fraction of the cost. Learn more at nextgensoftware.com.


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SOURCE: Engage Mobilize, Inc.

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