Engage Mobilize Launches E-ticketing to Manage Complex Fueling for Air Force

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November 17, 2022

DENVER – Engage Mobilize, Inc. a provider of intelligent field operations software and the Department of Defense, successfully launched electronic field ticketing on a United States Air Force base located in a deployed location. Engage Mobilize has provided a military-grade version of its commercially successful E-ticketing platform, enabling Air Force personnel to electronically dispatch, track, manage and allocate fuel orders.

The project is nearing completion of  Phase II. The partnership began with Engage Mobilize application to the competitive Small Business Innovation & Research (SBIR) program. The initial phase demonstrated a fit between Engage Mobilize field operations technology and the Air Force’s need to optimize refueling operations for airfields in austere, dynamic and demanding environments. The solution is focused on deployed environments at non-capitalized locations, augmenting existing systems.

The Engage Mobilize team worked with the Air Force to understand the complex workflow its personnel operates in while meeting on-base fueling needs. “Engage Mobilize was a strong fit out of the gate, and with minor customization, we were able to address the Air Force’s requirements. Ultimately, efficiencies provided by the Engage Mobilize platform allow airmen more time to focus on their critical missions,” said Dr. Glenn Richard, retired Air Force Squadron Commander.

Engage Mobilize delivered an initial version of E-ticketing and will continue to work closely with the Air Force to develop additional virtual workflows for fuel logistics and beyond. With a successfully delivered program in Phase II, Engage Mobilize is in a position to provide similar optimization capabilities to other Department of Defense and Federal agencies.

About Engage Mobilize

Engage Mobilize streamlines complex field workflows with authenticated business logic and financial processes, closing the data loop for supply chain, operations and accounting in real time. Their proprietary business automation processes predictively schedule work orders and tasks with embedded validation algorithms triggered by captured edge data points. Engage Mobilize eliminates redundant approval and dispute processes, automating each transaction seamlessly through invoicing and payment.

Venture Capital Fund of the Air Force

The Small Business Innovation Research program was established by Congress in the 1980’s with the goal of identifying small businesses that could provide a solution to the warfighter in a faster, more efficient manner than was presently available. Fast forward almost 50 years, and the program is reducing barriers and accelerating processes, seeding the future of the U.S. Air Force through innovation and forward-thinking technology.

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