Abnormal Office Operations – Normal Field Operations – Are You Out There Working?

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March 19, 2020

Abnormal Office Operations – Normal Field Operations – Are You Out There Working?

Under the guidelines of NIH concerning the outbreak of COVID-19, it is best if we do not congregate at all. This becomes immensely restrictive for all the office folk, as meetings and open-air offices are meant for strategic interaction. Therefore, most companies are telling all to work from home.

Oil and gas field operations must continue as it is a 7-24-365 business. Even some field base offices will restrict employees from coming into their offices. Therefore, we need a way of ensuring work continues and that work can be validated, approved and paid.

The simple answer is that what is needed, would be an application which was built specifically for the oil and gas industry which would allow for geo-location, work site validation and predictive scheduling. Engage Mobilize is that application. In fact, a field foreman can have the ability to call off work to any vendor, and then see and follow that service to location. He can ensure the work was accomplished, check the tickets and give his approval in order that the vendor be paid. The vendor wins as well, since he does not have to run around to have paper tickets signed-off.

The foremen can accomplish this, in real-time, with a simple log-in, in the comfort of their home.

Now is the time to understand how business can be accomplished a little differently, with control, validation and payment approval.

Call now – change your world. Engage Mobilize.

Scott Ratchinsky
Engage Mobilize
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