Helping Oil Companies: DRIVE TOWARDS NET ZERO

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November 17, 2020

Helping Oil Companies: DRIVE TOWARDS NET ZERO

Existing oilfields have been around for a long time, some over 100 years, starting with the first USA well drilled in 1859. Our reliance on oil and gas as a source of energy, power and manufacturing will inevitably be hard to let go of. The realization that electric power will need natural gas to make it happen is sometimes misunderstood or overlooked.

At Engage Mobilize there is no misunderstanding on the need for carbon-based products. Our value of having a positive impact on a net zero carbon footprint strategy is overarching. We do understand that we can influence some strategies on global warming, efficiency, and effective ways to lead the industry forward. Positive progress happens over time and needs everyone’s ideas to help crush past paradigms.

As an example, below, is but only one finding from our published paper with Noble Energy (Chevron).

Fewer Trucks on the Road

With a sizeable increase in barrels per load, Noble now needs fewer jobs to haul the same amount of crude and water. In fact, 325 fewer crude trucks and 491 fewer water trucks were required to move the same amount of fluid during the six- month period using Engage Mobilize. Overall, 816 fewer trucks were dispatched, a reduction of 5%, for two service types in the DJ Basin over a six-month period. 816 fewer trucks also resulted in nearly 25,000 fewer miles driven over six months, which reduces traffic, carbon footprint and wear on local roads.

Noble Case Study

Let’s all do our part. Drive less, walk, bike, and help big companies understand the importance and, sometimes, ease of making a positive difference for our global community.

Scott Ratchinsky
CCO / Co-Founder Engage Mobilize
Engage Mobilize

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