Gateway Architects Announces Partnership with Leading Digital Workflow Solution Engage Mobilize

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May 03, 2022

DENVER — Engage Mobilize Inc. unveiled its partnership with Gateway Architects to combine the power of electronic ticketing and invoicing with the delivery of real-time data to SAP.

Engage Mobilize's E-Invoicing platform when layered onto its E-ticketing platform, provides a complete end-to-end solution for conducting financial transactions. The new GA Smart™ integration technology will turbocharge the delivery of real-time data and enable Engage Mobilize’s SAP-based customers to seamlessly integrate E-invoicing with back-end accounting processes.

“Engage Mobilize’s commitment to delivering real-time impact for customers made them stand out as a valuable partner. Their proven ability to deliver has raised the bar for all,” said William Mays, Co-founder and Chairman of Gateway Architects. “With this new partnership, Engage Mobilize clients will see added benefits including eliminating of late payment fees, immediate rejection of non-compliant invoices, and instant access to SAP cost center condition changes and real-time business intelligence.”

GA Smart™ technology is a ground-breaking, proprietary platform that unleashes the power of data in SAP and brings true agility and data access for the very first time. It unlocks SAP in an innovative and revolutionary manner making data visible, extensible, streamlined, controlled, secured, and efficiently accessible via any device, anywhere, at any time — without sacrificing security. GA Smart™ technology delivers reduced implementation times and cut SAP operation costs by up to 90% at each workflow.

“As a leader in electronic ticketing and invoicing solutions for upstream oil and gas operators and suppliers, we are constantly searching for technology solutions for our clients’ most pressing concerns,” said Engage Mobilize CEO, Steve Foster. “When we found Gateway’s real-time SAP integration engine, we knew we needed to share it with our clients and the market at large. Digital transformation relies on removing roadblocks and streamlining every aspect of business processes.”

About Gateway Architects

Gateway Architects’ flagship offering is a transactional cache and trans-compiler platform that provides real-time data access (in volume) thus dramatically increasing performance, accuracy, analytics capability and timeliness of results. It offers a series of integration engines and applications that dramatically improve accuracy, visibility, and data accessibility — all in true real-time. Gateway is currently reviewing investment proposals as it completes its final capital raise. Headquartered in Frisco, Texas, Gateway Architects is 100% Texas funded. Learn more at

About Engage Mobilize

Engage Mobilize E2E synchronizes complex field workflows with authenticated business logic and financial processes, closing the data loop for supply chain, operations, and accounting teams in real-time. Our proprietary business automation processes predictively schedule work orders and tasks with embedded validation algorithms triggered by captured edge data points. By operationalizing predefined business rules, E2E eliminates redundant approval and dispute processes, automating each transaction seamlessly through invoicing and payment processing. Learn more at



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SOURCE: Engage Mobilize, Inc.

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