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October 01, 2019


A mid-sized service provider was concerned about the time and money spent to correct their rejected tickets generated in the field. Not only did these rejections drastically delay the time it took them to get paid, but it also wasted valuable time retracing the approval process. Rather than training crews, the company’s field supervisor would often have to drive back to the foremen for additional signatures. In addition, the ticket errors caused a major strain on their relationships with their E&P clients.


The service provider started working with their E&P clients to allow them to order services through the Engage Mobilize platform. This functionality allowed the service company’s dispatch manager to easily push out jobs to their field technicians based on location and availability.  Since all pertinent information was digitally preloaded into the system, the amount of errors on tickets was reduced drastically.


Prior to adopting the Engage Mobilize platform it was determined that as much as 33% of all tickets generated in the field were rejected. After five months of using the application, error rates on tickets had dropped to 5%. This reduction allowed for cleaner and more accurate tickets improving time value of money by invoicing faster and improving the overall relationship between the client and customer.


Error rates on tickets were reduced from 33% to 5% with Engage Mobilize



A service provider had the challenge of inputting their paper tickets into multiple systems. In only one field location 118 paper tickets per day were being input into a computer sheet to be uploaded and approved. Over a quarter of an employee’s day was inputting paper tickets. In addition, this process doesn’t account for ticket errors, which have to be corrected later. They sought a way to streamline this process to reduce error rates, reduce the time needed for data entry, and reduce the time between jobs being performed and invoicing.


This company began digitizing their ticketing process with Engage Mobilize.  Each service that was ordered on the platform was approved digitally by their clients the same day. Instead of taking hours inputting tickets and fixing errors, they were able to quickly and efficiently correct and invoice signed tickets.  In addition, since the platform integrates with most invoicing and accounting software, the company was able to streamline their invoicing process as well through their payable system.


We analyzed the time it took one employee to input a single paper ticket into their system.  We tracked a total of 118 tickets. The total time it took the employee to input 118 tickets was 2.18 hours, which equates to 1.11 minutes per ticket.  The Engage Mobilize solution eliminated this step COMPLETELY. Imagine what your employees’ could accomplish they had an additional 2.18 hours each day to focus on other strategic areas of your business.


Inputting a single paper ticket takes 1.11 minutes EACH. Going digital with Engage Mobilize eliminated this step all together

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