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Intelligent Field Operations Software

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We Manage Workflows to Make Field Processes & Financials Transparent, Efficient and Accountable.

Achieve New Levels of Operational Efficiency & Productivity

Hourly Crews and Roustabout


Intelligent Field Operations Software

Today's Problem

Companies with remote field operations and disparate workflows typically rely on inefficient and error-prone manual processes creating redundancies, information bottlenecks and wasted time. 

These legacy workflows and fragmented systems stifle the ability for companies to generate actionable intelligence in real-time, limiting productivity and profitability.

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Intelligent Field Operations Software

Our Solution

Engage Mobilize streamlines complex field service workflows by unifying operators and oilfield service companies on a single digital platform – from ticket to invoice. Engage Mobilize’s flagship E-Ticketing solution set the standard for fluid hauling and logistics efficiency, and its capabilities now include electronic invoicing and more than 250 oilfield services.  

Engage Mobilize offers E&P operators and oilfield service companies the potential to achieve new levels of operational efficiency, reduce costs, increase financial transparency and mitigate risk with intelligent field operations software.

Work Smarter with Automated Field Service Management

Achieve New Levels of Operational Efficiency Case Studies 

We streamline field service workflows by unifying operators and oilfield service (OFS) companies on a single digital platform — from ticket to invoice and payment.
Our solutions help companies reduce costs, increase productivity, gain financial transparency and mitigate risk.


Reduction in Service Costs

E-Ticketing and E-Invoicing delivers efficiencies in both field and financial workflows.

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Decline in Cost per Ticket

E-Ticketing optimizes fluids handling productivity and efficiency.

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Hours Freed-Up Annually

OFS Max eliminates manual ticketing processes in the field and back office.

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What Our Clients Say


“Engage Mobilize has helped significantly reduce workload on our lease operators to schedule and track orders with our crude and water haulers. We are excited for the next step to automate the scheduling of loads through Engage Mobilize’s predictive dispatch, which will further streamline our digital order to ticket workflow.”

- Production Superintendent


“The information is current and accurate, and dispatch doesn’t have to call the driver. This saves both the driver and dispatch time and ensures that the driver can focus on the current job without having to stop and field incoming distractions or phone calls.”

- High Plains Transport Team


“Before Engage Mobilize we had multiple vendors showing up at the same location to complete the same work. This meant we were billed twice for the same job sometimes. Being billed twice leads to a loss in revenue for the company and its investors.”

- Production Manager

Field Services

Water Hauling

Water Hauling

Engage Mobilize helps you achieve new operational efficiency levels for hauling produced water and flowback. Eliminate paper tickets, increase haul volumes, boost efficiency and drive productivity higher.  

Field Services

Hourly Crews and Roustabout

Hourly Crews & Roustabout
Track field crew locations and time on site in real-time. The field-friendly mobile app makes ticketing fast and accurate, eliminating paper tickets and manual reporting. 

Field Services


Crude Hauling

Eliminate paper tickets, increase haul volumes and boost efficiency and productivity. The field-friendly mobile app makes ticketing fast and accurate, eliminating paper tickets and manual reporting.  

Field Services


Proppant & Sand Delivery
Eliminate paper tickets and digitally coordinate sand services from the mine or terminal to the frac stage. View all data in one place, and monitor sand inventory and the status of all deliveries. 

Field Services


Chemicals & Inventory Tracking

Engage Mobilize makes managing production chemicals and inventory easy, efficient and straightforward. 

Eliminate paper tickets, avoid over-treating wells, conserve valuable production chemicals and cut costs by optimizing re-order times and reducing chemical use to only what you need.

Field Services


250+ Other Services

Engage Mobilize covers more than 250 field services, from snow removal to fuel logistics, workovers and more. 

Boost efficiency and drive productivity by eliminating paper field tickets, streamlining field workflows and eliminating manual data entry and redundancies. 

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